Hi guys so I travelled to Belgium in October last year for a weekend break. I had forgotten to write a post about our trip probably because I was still recovering from the affects of Belgian beer a week later. Nonetheless it was such a good weekend I thought I would share some highlights seen as most people make their travel plans early on in the year for the year ahead and I think both Brussels and Bruges are well worth a trip.

I wasn’t sure what to expect if I am honest it wasn’t one on my bucket list but I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. We flew with Ryanair out of Dublin into Brussels Airport be aware there’s two Airports in Brussels and Brussels Charleroi is quite a distance outside the city. The flights were less than €100.00 for two people.

We stayed in Brussels for one night we arrived early on the Friday morning, I have a friend living in Brussels, so we were collected from the airport with no sleep the night before this was a total lifesaver.

The early flight out of Dublin means you get that extra time but you are very tired on arrival. Although we were tired we wanted to make the most of our time so my friend was so good and became our tour guide for the day. She showed us around the city and it was very different to what we had expected. There is plenty to do and see in Brussels with lots of cool buildings, bars and restaurants. The vibe of the city is busy and vibrant without feeling overcrowded.

We went for a fabulous dinner here that night and plenty of Belgian beer!

First stop Brussels

Next stop Bruges

Next Stop Bruges

We travelled from Brussels to Bruges by train, the train system is quite confusing at first but on the return journey it was a lot easier for us to figure out. The initial confusion was perhaps due to our sensitive condition from the night before in Brussels.

In general Bruges is very touristy in the sense there is a lot of tourists, however it’s not over commercial and we just found ourselves strolling around stopping in shops and bars opposed to doing specific tours.

We did however do a canal tour and the tour of the bell tower which were both well worth it.

The view from the Bell tower

Food in the restaurants was really tasty, however Belgians are fond of raw meat so if that’s not your thing then specify well well done!

The weekend was really relaxing and very enjoyable we will definitely be back!

Love A


PS: Belgian beer like filet américain is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached I learned the hard way!


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