14 random things I love

  1. I love shoes
  2. I love books. I love the written word in general nothing speaks to me more than words on a page. My favourite childhood books were The Secret Garden and Little Women no idea why really but read them over and over the pages were worn I still love both those books
  3. I love family days they are beyond stressful at times and sometimes it feels easier to stay at home but I feel a sense of pride that Ive added to my children’s childhood memories and also survived in the process. Im not keen on spending weekends at home I love to just get and do something
  4. Date nights these are essential to remember you actually like each other after the family days out!
  5. I also love girl time whether it’s tea and chats, spa days, afternoon teas or girls nights is there any better therapy than belly laughing with your friends
  6. A clean tidy home it rarely lasts long around here but it’s pure bliss for those brief moments
  7. Spicy food especially nachos I love, love nachos they are my favourite food
  8. Listening to really loud music in the car when the kids aren’t in it pretending I’m a good ten years younger than I am
  9. Adventures seeing new places doesn’t have to anything exotic
  10. Watching movies we have movie night in our house most weekends and I love going to the cinema
  11. Going for dinner I love food in general so it’s even better when I don’t have to cook
  12. Seasonal occasions Christmas is my favourite but I also love Halloween, Easter etc
  13. When my children laugh so hard they can’t speak
  14. Saturday morning cuddles and Disney movies its the only time at the weekend that I treasure just doing nothing
Happy Valentines Day 
Love A
PS Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about #couplegoals embrace the things you love

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