It’s time to say goodbye


Hi guys so I thought I would share my experience with Limerick Institute of Technology. As of 11.31 Friday the 11thof May 2018 I finished college. I can’t believe that it’s OVER. The last four years are the first steps towards fulfilling my career goals they have gone so fast I can hardly believe it’s been just that, I can clearly remember my first day and the emotions and anxiety I felt.



I have spoken about this before, I was sick with worry and filled with doubt. Would I be able for the subjects, would I be able to study and get the assignments done with the kids, would anyone talk to me the usual carryon.  Guess what people talked to me. I met fantastic, funny, kind and all round good people both students and staff. I achieved excellent results while making the most of my time with the kids. I pretty much flew through college until last year due to personal reasons I didn’t know if I wanted to return in September. I did but I felt I wasn’t able for it anymore my confidence had taken a knock. I pushed on with plenty of tears along the way I set myself a goal of achieving a 1.1. I decided on the career route I wanted to take after  I finished and when I sat my Christmas exams I managed to bring my GPA up by 6%. I couldn’t have felt prouder of myself.


Nobody knows it all or has it all together including me but I can honestly say I’m so proud I made that decision to return to education. I’m so proud I gave the girl who lost her ambition and drive another chance. I’m so proud that I retained an over 70% GPA for four years while rearing two small children. I am so proud that I managed to achieve my academic goals while ensuring my children were my priority. Pride is a funny one your never really sure when it’s not just egotistical to be very proud of yourself. How much pride is too much ? We all know someone who perhaps blows their own trumpet too loudly but pride is healthy it’s good for the soul when coupled with honesty and integrity. We shouldn’t shy away from it because others abuse it or make us feel ashamed or unworthy of it. People have a lovely way of diminishing other people’s achievements to magnify their own. The reality is its ok to be proud and own your achievements no matter how big or small.


In four years I’ve grown as a person and LIT provided me with the tools to secure my future career and to unapologetically strive for my goals and dreams. Sometimes you need to give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself you can do it. Take one step at time. If your are considering returning to education or pursuing any goal or dream GO FOR IT. You’ve nothing to lose even failure is progression it means you’ve TRIED.


I’m excited to begin my journey towards becoming an accountant. I will begin my accountancy education process this coming September doing part time evening and weekend classes while also working, so my time with LIT is over but the exams aren’t over just yet. As excited as I am to be finished college I’m also a little anxious for the next chapter only now I have a previous success story in my pocket to remind me I can do it! I know this is a very random life update but if it gives one person the push they needed to be unapologetically proud of themselves or throw uncertainties and opinions to the wind and pursue a dream or goal then it was worth the randomness.


Love A






Ps: reach for the stars even if you can quite see them yet




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