Hi guys this weeks festive post is gift related although the title is teenage drama queen, I think the gifts are suitable for a lot of females who like cute bits n bobs. I have bought some of these items for myself and for gifts.


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PS: this is a gift related post but its never a bad time all year to treat yourself !!

Hi guys after I shared my story with regards my battle with adult acne, I received a lot of messages with regards my skincare routine. As I would have stated previously I’m not a skin care expert this is just some of the everyday products I use in my current skincare routine that work for me. I also use other products in addition to these to prevent/heal my acne.

I’ve been using the above products for a few months and they work for my skin. They are from the Botanical Beauty range from Boots. All the products have this fresh fragrant smell, they feel quite light on the skin and they have not caused me any sensitivity.


I apply the morning cream straight away in the morning. It feels nice an light on skin but also hydrating although I’ve skin of a teenager it’s also dry in especially in the “muzzle” are where my acne also tends to be concentrated.


Next up is the radiance balm. This is my favourite product from this range that I have used. I love this product I use it on its own if I’m not wearing make up or as a primer if I’m looking for a dewy look to my skin it’s gives an illuminating effect on the skin.


I also use the face wash almost everyday, I apply mine to a cleanse off mitt in the evening usually in the shower it’s just easier. I use this to remove my make up but if I don’t have make up on I will still use it. I use the cream cleanser before ands sometimes depending if Im wearing heavy make up or eye make up.


I have used several cleansers some of which I liked and some of which I hated but for the most part I find a cleansing wash is in general far less stringent on my skin especially if my skin is dry. I do however like this one because it’s smells so lovely it has a creamy consistency which is the only type of cleanser I use. I will NEVER use a micellar water cleanser on my skin again like most people I jumped on that bandwagon a year ago and ended up looking like Killer Crocs sister absolute nightmare to reverse also !! As a result I’m scarred with regards cleansers so I won’t use a cleanser all over my face if it’s very dry. I will just remove my eye make up with it, now I know you should use a specific eye make up remover but usually I don’t use a specific eye make up remover. Reason being for me personally I have found some to be very stringent my skin and I regularly get dermatitis on my eyes which it just further irritates or causes . Bear in mind I wear very little eye make up on a day to day basis if I was wearing eyeliner or a lot of eyeshadow I would use a specific eye make up remover. I tend to just go between the two depending on what suits me best.


I think I’m like most of the female population at this stage with regards my addiction to sheet masks they are so handy really low cost and your face feels so soft and refreshed after using them i also love the fact you don’t need to cleanse them off. I love these two above these are not from the Botanical range but are also from boots.

Finally I use the night cream every night like most night creams this has a slightly thicker consistency to it but it still feels refreshing on the skin.

For the most part that’s what I am using product wise as part of my daily skincare routine.


Love A


PS: I will be doing a give away with these items on my Instagram here details of how to enter are under the picture of all the products



I purchased some items from The Ordinary skincare brand which is a range made by THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY on ASOS a few weeks ago because basically my skin is in bits. If I’m honest I’ve never really been a huge skincare person I know it’s awful because once the damage is done it is difficult to reverse. I have always had clear skin with the odd spot once every now and again but for the most part up to eight months ago I had escaped without any skin issues including through my teenage years.

December last year I broke out in spots around my mouth I put it down to stress as a member of my family was very ill at the time. The spots didn’t leave they flared up and down but for the most part were a permanent fixture until about eight weeks ago. Thats when I went to the doctor to seek medical advice I was diagnosed with adult acne. My response was is this a joke? At a time in my life where I’m expected to behave like an adult I have the face of a teenager. So now in addition to your thirty now Alma you won’t get away with eating like that anymore I have adult acne. Wow who arranged this birthday present it’s a real cracker. My thirties are turning out to be a real eye opener. 

I asked what might be causing this and the response was mostly likely a combination of stress and hormones. Seriously your having a laugh I’m female I’m 90% stress and hormones on any given day. How do I eliminate 90% of my genetic make-up? My acne raises itself in a rash like form around my “muzzle” area its looks as fabulous as it sounds. It’s quite itchy and sore and it twins with the eczema around my eyelids least there is consistency I suppose.

Mine is quite mild in comparison to others and I’m aware is very much a first world problem but anything that affects your confidence impacts your daily life. If you’ve ever waged a war on your skin the you will know it’s not cheap.  I researched a few spot fighting brands and products online and I came across The Ordinary I won’t lie the first thing that attracted me to the brand was the price. In the land of skincare, they are as cheap as chips. At the time my skin was quite bad so I didn’t want to just buy something because it was cheap so I researched further and found some positive reviews. 

 I purchased a primer, moisturiser, Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% and specifically for my spots the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. I love them all now especially the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. I’m not a skin guru so instead of taking my word for it I decided to document the results of the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which I only use when I break out the others as I do find it dries out my skin. The others I use every day. I’ve used the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% a few times since purchasing however I was also taking the antibiotics so I was unsure how effective it was on its own. I woke up last week with a break out so I decided to document the result and share it with ye guys if the results were positive.

I’ve applied the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% every morning and evening since day one of the breakout and here are the results. Caution these photos contain bad skin, bad hair, bad eyebrows and suitcases under my eyes.

Day One



Day Two




Day Three




Day Four





Day Five



As you can see by day five my skin is pretty clear and had started to clear by day three. This is the only thing that has helped clear a breakout for me within a week besides antibiotics.  It lessons the redness in two three days which for me is worth it because at least you can cover it a lot easier and its not as noticable. My acne isn’t that bad now, I hope it doesn’t get as bad as it was or worse even but let’s face it (excuse the pun) with the cause being linked to stress and hormones, I think is best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I hope this little post might help anyone who is also waging a war on their bad skin and is on a budget.


Love A



PS:  I’ve become slightly obsessed with skincare and I’m constantly buying lotions and potions these days so I will update with any favourites on here or on my social media accounts 

Hi guys so I am not a make-up artist or make up guru of any sort in fact quite the opposite. However, I do love make-up and I do love trying new products. I think for a lot of non MUA’s the make-up world can be a bit intimidating unless you’re naturally talented.

I don’t know if I’m just ancient but it seems like the era of the make-up artist. People have become so incredibly skilled in this area and the level of what they create is phenomenal. I feel like when I was a teenager we really didn’t have a clue. I don’t ever remember anyone creating make up looks like today. So, if you’re like me then you’ve probably been trying to play catch up the last few years.

I’m convinced make-up artists possess some sort of magical powers. I’ve watched several YouTube videos by several amazing make-up artists both professionally trained and self-thought and quite honestly, I still haven’t a clue what happens between bare face and spotlight eye, cut crease, and the mighty winged eyeliner. I’m just baffled.

The picture below is my current everyday make up favourites which are all very easy to apply. I can confirm they require no magical powers. The majority are reasonably priced and the higher priced items last for so long. These are the products I use also for night-time with the addition of one more eyeshadow if I’m feeling brave and a set of false lashes that’s about as creative as I get with regards make up.

From left to right names of products in the picture above some items I also linked that can be purchased online:

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: here

Ordinary Primer: here

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 54 Beige: here

Benefit Coralista Blusher:here

Bojourois Zoom Mascara shade waterproof black: here

CATRICE concealers in shades: Light beige 020
Porcelain 010

*above can be bought in Penneys/Primark and other retailers

LA Girl Pro Concealer shade:here

Benefit Brow Zings in shade deep 06: here
*mine looks different as it’s the old packaging

Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder:here

Urban Decay eyeshadow shade Act Riff:here

This is the finished look below that I created using these products. There is no filter applied to this photo it’s taken with the flash on and facing the light.

I love looking at all the amazing make-up creations but I also tend to pick through the product lists for items that I think are suitable for my limited skills. If like me you find the choice of products and lack of knowledge can be overwhelming and you do not possess magic make up powers then maybe this post might be of help.


Love A



PS: Make-Up like most things in life is personal and should be created in a way that makes the person wearing it happy and confident.


I have been using natures potions and lotions on my skin and hair for quite some time so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you guys. My skin is very sensitive and sore around my mouth area and over my eyes since I’ve broken out with excema a few months ago so try to avoid anything too harsh on the skin.

Unfortunately I’ve had to use steroid cream on my face which thins the skin so I’m trying all things natural to prevent permanent damage. Skincare can also be very expensive these are all inexpensive options that I find very effective. I know most people will have used these or know about them but if your like me and want to stop mild breakouts, struggling with excema or looking to prevent dryness these might help.

Honey and Natural Yogurt Mask

I mix equal amounts in a container and apply with a make-up brush from Penneys/Primark that I use just for mask applications. I leave for around 20 minutes and gently cleanse off with warm water and a soft face cloth. I am very sensitive to harsh cleansers and this mask cleanses my pores without the feeling of dryness on my skin. I also find my skin is quite dull the yogurt helps to create a glow on the skin.  My face always feels soft and looks refreshed afterwards. This is my favourite natural mask.


Honey has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.  I have always used it with other ingredients for skincare until I broke out with excema on my face. My friend suggested just applying honey as my skin was blistered and open at the time so to prevent infection, reduce redness, calm irritation and increase healing. I applied generous amounts just to the effected areas as its so sticky so avoid large areas of usage. I wash it off with warm water and a cotton pad. I find it works well to aid healing and control the breakout. I use it now all the time on spots and my patches of excema. It has no contraindications or ill side effects unlike steroid cream.


Honey and Oats

I use this combination again in equal amounts applied with a make-up brush from Penney’s/Primark. This provides a gentle exfoliation. Honey has antioxidants that can prevent breakouts. The oats also have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and it provides irritation relief. Excema can be quite sore and itchy this combination draws moisture back into the skin and calms the itchiness. I find this great when my skin is dry, during or post excema or spot breakout. This gently aids removal of dead skin cells and gently cleanses the skin.


Brown Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub

My lips are not biased to seasons they are dry all year round. I use various lip balms to try to prevent this but I never fully escape. I know a lot of people who swear by this scrub so I’ve recently started using it. I have been converted think its brilliant. I don’t remember to use it every day but I apply it a few times a week. I especially use it at the weekends or before a night out so my lipstick looks somewhat normal.

Coconut Oil

This little beauty performs the work of twenty. I’m never without it. I use it in my hair as a mask if I notice the ends are becoming dry and brittle I only apply to mid lengths to ends because my hair tends to be oily and it would be very difficult to wash out from the roots for me. I use it as a body moisturiser all year round. As you’ve gathered I’m very scaly at this stage. Dry skin is my enemy and the battle between me and it is daily. I sometimes mix a spoon of honey and coconut oil and massage it’s into my congested areas when they have calmed down to try to prevent scarring. I also use it on my face at night. 

There is so many other uses for just these ingredients and other natural skin and hair potion ideas that can be found online. If you’re like me and feel stressed about using steroid creams research natural alternatives to your specific skin problem you might be surprised with the results.

My post weekend tan disaster has resulted in me looking like a cross between an alligator and human so I will be trying every trick in the book to look somewhat less scaly. If I find a remedy I’ll be sure to pass it on!!



Love A



PS: Hope these little recipes help, if anyone knows any miracle excema cures please pass them on!