Hi guys so seen as the summer is in full swing and if you are like me your scrambling the internet for ideas of fun things to do with kids. I’ve decided to start sharing some day out ideas again these aren’t generally just specific to kids. Living in Ireland with the summer weather being so unpredictable and the winter being generally miserable and wet its so important for us as a family to get out and about as much as we can during the year even if the day is less than perfect.

I really don’t like spending my weekends indoors summer or winter if i can avoid it. We visited Lough Gur in April. The day was a bit cold and windy but we enjoyed it regardless.Its completely free of charge to visit and walk around unless you want to opt for an audio tour which we did. Lough Gur website and price details here.

There is plenty of picnic pots around the lake. It was too cold the day we visited for a picnic but we will be back with a picnic over the summer.

Its a short walk from the car park to the visitor centre. Which has a small meusuem with interactive displays if you opt for the audio tour access to the museum is included.

Any excuse for a bit of fancy dress !

There is a small museum on site with interactive displays.

Who said ice creams were just for sunny days!

We done the self guided tour. You can walk around free of charge if your not interested in the tour.

The Fairy Village was a big hit with Harlow, who happens to be a huge fairy fan.

The tour and fairy trail is not accessible with buggies as its a small climb and rocky in places.

Love A


Ps: I update my Instagram page regularly with data out videos and pictures. Link for my Instagram page here.

Hi guys as you can see from the picture above we love Castlecomer Discovery Park we first visited two years ago returned again last year for another visit.

On our first visit we spent the day walking around the woods, swinging from trees and exploring the woods.

We visited some fairy homes in the fairy and elf village They didn’t seem to be home which was lucky really seen as they may not have been best pleased we were standing on their roof.

We don’t usually spend our days hugging trees however we thought we heard some fairies scurrying around inside!

Both the kids done the junior woodland course Harlow was two at the time and she loved it with a little helping hand ago the way.  Details and prices here.

Next stop was Timber Tumbles Playground.

The Playground is situated at the entrance to the park. The playground is made from wooden and other natural materials to fit with the natural wooded setting. The kids loved the coal-mining theme. It has a mini zip-wire, climbing wall, swings and slide.

From the playground you can watch people completing the tree top adventure walk and climbing wall details and prices here. Which brings me to our next visit. On the fist visit my son wasn’t comfortable with signing up to to the tree top walk however having watched other people completing it he pledged to come back and do it. Seen as Reece has dyspraxia and heights have never really been in his favour I wasn’t sure would he follow through.

on discussion about where to spend Mothers Day last we decided Castlecomer was a perfect fit. Reece asked could he do the tree top walk so I booked it in advance which you HAVE to do, I had seen loads of disappointed people being turned away because they hadn’t pre booked and its so busy.

So he done it and we couldn’t believe it!!! The staff were amazing so professional the safety standards were excellent they knew Reece was a little nervous and they made sure to keep things casual and calm as not to alarm him in any way.

Castlecomer will always be one of the places this guy chased away one of his fears seeing him up in the trees couldn’t have made us prouder although Harlows face doesn’t quite display that I think she was smiling on the inside!! He felt like a champ for the whole day.

We also done the paddle boats around the lake narrowly avoiding some angry swans hence the lack of pictures! It was great fun though, in general there is plenty to do and see at Castlecomer Discovery Park, They have fantastic website with all the details and booking facilities here. There is a coffee shop on site also and plenty of spots to stop and have a picnic.The park itself is free to visit, the parking is free for a limited time then a charge applies prices and details of amenities are listed on the website.

Love A


Ps: we will be returning this year to do the zipline which happens to be Irelands longest zipline

Hi guys so I have a serious case of green envy lately, seen as its St Patricks Day this Saturday I have compiled some of my current favourite green pieces.  All items are linked through the pictures just click on the picture to be brought to the relevant web page.



I hope everyone has a wonderful St Patricks Day Weekend!

Love A




Ps: if you are looking for some more greenspiration I have also shared a Pinterest Green Envy board here

Hi guys seen as its Mothers Day is this coming Sunday I thought I would share some budget friendly gift ideas.

Bake a cake. I used the Betty Croker red velvet mix and vanilla icing for the cake above, its very easy to make use added roses for decoration.

A framed picture this from is from Dealz and cost 1.50

Framed handprints. Frame above is also from Dealz and cost 1.50

Jo Malone smell for a fraction of the cost from Aldi the above hand and body wash, hand and body lotion and the body cream all amazing if you are a fan on the candles you will love these. They cost 16.00 in total.

Cute cup for tea and chats. This one is from Tesco and cost 5.00.

Framed kids artwork. Frame is from Dealz and cost 1.50.

A toiletries basket. All the items are from Dealz cost 9.00 including basket and artificial grass filling which are part of their current easter products.

Last but not least breakfast in bed simple and perfect. This is what my children done for me last year.

Love A


PS: I think these ideas would be perfect presents to get the kids involved in for all the lovely nanna’s who saved all their patience for their grandkids!!!

Hi guys so although World Book Day celebrations have been cancelled because of the snow, I thought I would still share some of my current favourite children’s books.

For me one of the best gifts you can give a child is a love of reading. I buy most my books for both myself and the kids on www.bookdepository.com Dealz and Aldi.

Love A