Hi guys seen as its Mothers Day is this coming Sunday I thought I would share some budget friendly gift ideas.

Bake a cake. I used the Betty Croker red velvet mix and vanilla icing for the cake above, its very easy to make use added roses for decoration.

A framed picture this from is from Dealz and cost 1.50

Framed handprints. Frame above is also from Dealz and cost 1.50

Jo Malone smell for a fraction of the cost from Aldi the above hand and body wash, hand and body lotion and the body cream all amazing if you are a fan on the candles you will love these. They cost 16.00 in total.

Cute cup for tea and chats. This one is from Tesco and cost 5.00.

Framed kids artwork. Frame is from Dealz and cost 1.50.

A toiletries basket. All the items are from Dealz cost 9.00 including basket and artificial grass filling which are part of their current easter products.

Last but not least breakfast in bed simple and perfect. This is what my children done for me last year.

Love A


PS: I think these ideas would be perfect presents to get the kids involved in for all the lovely nanna’s who saved all their patience for their grandkids!!!

Hi guys seen as its Valentines Day tomorrow and most kids in Ireland are on mid term break this week I decided to share some fun Valentines kids activities that I’ve done with my children the last few weeks, that they really enjoyed.

If you are home with children during school holidays it can be not only difficult to keep the boredom at bay but also pricey. These are just a few fun inexpensive ideas.

Arts & Crafts

I buy most of my arts and crafts bits n bobs in either Dealz or Mr Price, I got these ideas from Pinterest but if you don’t use Pinterest then Google images will also provide load of ideas.

 Valentines Cards

I love you to pieces card

Get three sheets of coloured paper

Cut into little pieces

Draw heart on pink card

Paint on PVA glue

Stick on coloured pieces of paper

Glue on eyes

Finish off card with writing

Butterfly Lollipop Card

Draw butterfly outline. Im not very artistic !

Cut out piece and stick in lollipop

Stick eyes on lollipop and finish with  decoration and writing we just added some yellow hearts.


I am not the worlds best baker quite the opposite, in fact my kids are far better bakers than I am, I stick to simple easy recipes or get a little helping hand from Betty Croker along the way.

Heart Shaped Buns

I used the Betty Croker red velvet mix

Ingredients inside the box

I get the kids to measure out the things they will add into separate bowls so if they make a mistake its easier to fix, this way they get to do it all themselves.

We just follow the instructions on the box

I put tin foil into the baking tray to try create the heart shape in the bun

while the buns were in the oven the kids made the icing for them

We made butter icing that came in the box and water icing which is just icing sugar, warm water and colouring so easy very much within my skill set !

This is how they turned out perfectly imperfect!

Heart Shaped Biscuits

I got Harlow a Shopkins Baking Set in Dealz recently and this is what we used to create these Valentines Day biscuits.


We  followed the recipe pictured above that came in the set

Mixing the butter and sugar first

Then the plain flour

then rolled it out

then into shapes

we made some pink water icing when they were in the oven

before icing

finished product these tasted so nice!

some with sprinkles

All these activities provided loads of fun for the kids, they were very inexpensive and most importantly the kids could do them independently I find personally the simpler the idea for either arts and crafts or baking the more they can use their own skills and creativity with very little assistance from me the more they enjoy it.  There is more of a sense of achievement for them at the end result.

Love A


Ps: I have just shared a new arts and crafts board which you can follow here

Hi guys I thought I would share a recent upcycling project that I completed. Harlow got a dollhouse as a present for Christmas two years ago she was too young and she just destroyed it. She coloured all over it she had no real interest in it. I was originally going to just dump it but just as I was going she immediately found interest in it and started playing with it all the time. i couldn’t look at its ugliness anymore and I couldn’t face the drama that would ensue if it mysteriously disappeared either so i decided to give it a revamp.

This is what it looked like originally.

Here is what it looks like now although this will be short term with Harlow around.

I wanted to modernise it and to have just a blank canvas so I decided to paint it all white. I gave it a light sanding before painting it.

I painted it with Dulux satinwood pure white.

I also upcycled the furniture. I spray painted them gold and pink. Here is a picture of the middle floor before featuring some fabulous pencil scribbles!!


This is the top floor of the house before featuring a lovely stain. I stuck on eyelashes from Moss Cottage.

This is the top floor of the house before featuring a lovely stain.

I stuck on eyelashes and added lollipop string lights from Penneys/Primark to the roof.


The Fairy and pineapple are from TK Maxx. The Queen doll is from IKEA.

The bottom floor before.


I’m not the best painter in fact I’m quite messy but i love up-cycling and i think its ok when its not perfect if you’ve done it yourself. Hope this might be a little inspiration if like me you have a wrecker in the house and as a result have furniture in desperate need of saving.


A Xxx



PS: This little lady loves her new dolls house so it was worth it!