Hi guys so I have a serious case of green envy lately, seen as its St Patricks Day this Saturday I have compiled some of my current favourite green pieces.  All items are linked through the pictures just click on the picture to be brought to the relevant web page.



I hope everyone has a wonderful St Patricks Day Weekend!

Love A




Ps: if you are looking for some more greenspiration I have also shared a Pinterest Green Envy board here

Hi guys seen as Easter school holidays are fast approaching, I thought I would share some kids day out ideas the next few weeks.

We visited King Johns Castle in Limerick a couple of weeks ago the castle itself is a ruin, however we had lots of fun with the interactive displays on exhibition.

Our favourite part of the day was filling out the activity map that we were given on entry to the castle. Following the clues and filling in the answers makes the most of the exhibitions.

The exhibitions encourage children to get involved opposed to just listening to a tour guide.

Outside in the courtyard you can climb to several lookout points that have fabulous views of the river Shannon and Limerick city.

Several of the displays have interactive displays as pictured above that tell a particular story.

In general we loved it and enjoyed it much more than expected as we had been planning on visiting elsewhere that happened to be still currently closed.

Love A


Ps: if you do plan on visiting the castle I would advise buying tickets online here as it’s much cheaper a family of four is €23.00 online and it costs €35.00 at the site.

Hi guys seen as its Mothers Day is this coming Sunday I thought I would share some budget friendly gift ideas.

Bake a cake. I used the Betty Croker red velvet mix and vanilla icing for the cake above, its very easy to make use added roses for decoration.

A framed picture this from is from Dealz and cost 1.50

Framed handprints. Frame above is also from Dealz and cost 1.50

Jo Malone smell for a fraction of the cost from Aldi the above hand and body wash, hand and body lotion and the body cream all amazing if you are a fan on the candles you will love these. They cost 16.00 in total.

Cute cup for tea and chats. This one is from Tesco and cost 5.00.

Framed kids artwork. Frame is from Dealz and cost 1.50.

A toiletries basket. All the items are from Dealz cost 9.00 including basket and artificial grass filling which are part of their current easter products.

Last but not least breakfast in bed simple and perfect. This is what my children done for me last year.

Love A


PS: I think these ideas would be perfect presents to get the kids involved in for all the lovely nanna’s who saved all their patience for their grandkids!!!

Hi guys so although World Book Day celebrations have been cancelled because of the snow, I thought I would still share some of my current favourite children’s books.

For me one of the best gifts you can give a child is a love of reading. I buy most my books for both myself and the kids on www.bookdepository.com Dealz and Aldi.

Love A



  1. I love shoes
  2. I love books. I love the written word in general nothing speaks to me more than words on a page. My favourite childhood books were The Secret Garden and Little Women no idea why really but read them over and over the pages were worn I still love both those books
  3. I love family days they are beyond stressful at times and sometimes it feels easier to stay at home but I feel a sense of pride that Ive added to my children’s childhood memories and also survived in the process. Im not keen on spending weekends at home I love to just get and do something
  4. Date nights these are essential to remember you actually like each other after the family days out!
  5. I also love girl time whether it’s tea and chats, spa days, afternoon teas or girls nights is there any better therapy than belly laughing with your friends
  6. A clean tidy home it rarely lasts long around here but it’s pure bliss for those brief moments
  7. Spicy food especially nachos I love, love nachos they are my favourite food
  8. Listening to really loud music in the car when the kids aren’t in it pretending I’m a good ten years younger than I am
  9. Adventures seeing new places doesn’t have to anything exotic
  10. Watching movies we have movie night in our house most weekends and I love going to the cinema
  11. Going for dinner I love food in general so it’s even better when I don’t have to cook
  12. Seasonal occasions Christmas is my favourite but I also love Halloween, Easter etc
  13. When my children laugh so hard they can’t speak
  14. Saturday morning cuddles and Disney movies its the only time at the weekend that I treasure just doing nothing
Happy Valentines Day 
Love A
PS Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about #couplegoals embrace the things you love