Hi guys seen as its Valentines Day tomorrow and most kids in Ireland are on mid term break this week I decided to share some fun Valentines kids activities that I’ve done with my children the last few weeks, that they really enjoyed.

If you are home with children during school holidays it can be not only difficult to keep the boredom at bay but also pricey. These are just a few fun inexpensive ideas.

Arts & Crafts

I buy most of my arts and crafts bits n bobs in either Dealz or Mr Price, I got these ideas from Pinterest but if you don’t use Pinterest then Google images will also provide load of ideas.

 Valentines Cards

I love you to pieces card

Get three sheets of coloured paper

Cut into little pieces

Draw heart on pink card

Paint on PVA glue

Stick on coloured pieces of paper

Glue on eyes

Finish off card with writing

Butterfly Lollipop Card

Draw butterfly outline. Im not very artistic !

Cut out piece and stick in lollipop

Stick eyes on lollipop and finish with  decoration and writing we just added some yellow hearts.


I am not the worlds best baker quite the opposite, in fact my kids are far better bakers than I am, I stick to simple easy recipes or get a little helping hand from Betty Croker along the way.

Heart Shaped Buns

I used the Betty Croker red velvet mix

Ingredients inside the box

I get the kids to measure out the things they will add into separate bowls so if they make a mistake its easier to fix, this way they get to do it all themselves.

We just follow the instructions on the box

I put tin foil into the baking tray to try create the heart shape in the bun

while the buns were in the oven the kids made the icing for them

We made butter icing that came in the box and water icing which is just icing sugar, warm water and colouring so easy very much within my skill set !

This is how they turned out perfectly imperfect!

Heart Shaped Biscuits

I got Harlow a Shopkins Baking Set in Dealz recently and this is what we used to create these Valentines Day biscuits.


We  followed the recipe pictured above that came in the set

Mixing the butter and sugar first

Then the plain flour

then rolled it out

then into shapes

we made some pink water icing when they were in the oven

before icing

finished product these tasted so nice!

some with sprinkles

All these activities provided loads of fun for the kids, they were very inexpensive and most importantly the kids could do them independently I find personally the simpler the idea for either arts and crafts or baking the more they can use their own skills and creativity with very little assistance from me the more they enjoy it.  There is more of a sense of achievement for them at the end result.

Love A


Ps: I have just shared a new arts and crafts board which you can follow here

Hi guys so I travelled to Belgium in October last year for a weekend break. I had forgotten to write a post about our trip probably because I was still recovering from the affects of Belgian beer a week later. Nonetheless it was such a good weekend I thought I would share some highlights seen as most people make their travel plans early on in the year for the year ahead and I think both Brussels and Bruges are well worth a trip.

I wasn’t sure what to expect if I am honest it wasn’t one on my bucket list but I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. We flew with Ryanair out of Dublin into Brussels Airport be aware there’s two Airports in Brussels and Brussels Charleroi is quite a distance outside the city. The flights were less than €100.00 for two people.

We stayed in Brussels for one night we arrived early on the Friday morning, I have a friend living in Brussels, so we were collected from the airport with no sleep the night before this was a total lifesaver.

The early flight out of Dublin means you get that extra time but you are very tired on arrival. Although we were tired we wanted to make the most of our time so my friend was so good and became our tour guide for the day. She showed us around the city and it was very different to what we had expected. There is plenty to do and see in Brussels with lots of cool buildings, bars and restaurants. The vibe of the city is busy and vibrant without feeling overcrowded.

We went for a fabulous dinner here that night and plenty of Belgian beer!

First stop Brussels

Next stop Bruges

Next Stop Bruges

We travelled from Brussels to Bruges by train, the train system is quite confusing at first but on the return journey it was a lot easier for us to figure out. The initial confusion was perhaps due to our sensitive condition from the night before in Brussels.

In general Bruges is very touristy in the sense there is a lot of tourists, however it’s not over commercial and we just found ourselves strolling around stopping in shops and bars opposed to doing specific tours.

We did however do a canal tour and the tour of the bell tower which were both well worth it.

The view from the Bell tower

Food in the restaurants was really tasty, however Belgians are fond of raw meat so if that’s not your thing then specify well well done!

The weekend was really relaxing and very enjoyable we will definitely be back!

Love A


PS: Belgian beer like filet américain is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached I learned the hard way!

Hi guys so I had taken a break from blogging for a few weeks in December. I am in my fourth year of college so the exam stress was real!! I couldn’t wait to finish to enjoy some family time but seen as it’s the new year and all that jazz, I thought I might get back into the swing of things. I would like to create more content but it is just a hobby so I cannot always guarantee regular content. I thought I would share some random facts about me to kick off the new year as I feel it’s hard to get to know someone from pictures so here it goes:

My name is Alma

I am 30 years old, I remember thinking people who are 30 were ancient so I’m officially ancient no point in fighting it!

I am in a relationship

I have two wonderful children. A boy called Reece aged 10 and a little girl called Harlow aged 3. I love being their parent, they drive me crazy sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The far from perfect days make the good ones even better. I also have a teenage stepson who I’m very lucky to be part of his life. We are the definition of the rainbow family but you know what they say you can’t have rainbows without the rain.

I had my son when I was twenty. I have learned a lot from being a young parent it’s not something I would necessarily advise but I believe in fate and he was my happy chance.

I am currently a full-time student in LIT

When I finish college in May this year, I want to train to be an accountant

Why did I set up a blog? I started this blog at a time in my life when things were very bad for me personally. The rug had been lifted from underneath me. I looked around and quite honestly, I didn’t recognise my life. I didn’t really know who I was anymore it was a very difficult time. I had previously considered setting up a blog in the past but talked myself out of it but feeling like this pushed me to just do it!

I love all things fashion, hair, beauty and interiors. I also wanted to share something a bit different I wanted to bring a bit more writing to my blog. I was originally going to use the blog to gain more social media knowledge for my final year college project but I’ve now changed my topic so it’s become purely a hobby.

Since setting up he blog I’ve learned it can be a quite a time-consuming hobby and I have felt conflicted in whether it was worth the time and I have considered stopping because of this a few times.

Why the name find the wonderful? The name itself came to me because one of my best friends Hannah uses the phrase “that would be wonderful” all the time and since I needed to find what would be wonderful again I thought it was a good fit

I am a qualified beauty therapist. I gained my qualification in the evenings and I was working in an office at the time which I really enjoyed so I didn’t pursue a career in beauty therapy.

I am both fascinated and terrified of sharks, cage diving with them off the coast of South Africa is on my bucket list whether I would get in to the cage is questionable. I am an avid fan of Shark Week don’t judge me!

I am terrified of anything scary. I never watch any horror movies, I barely watch anything with a murder scene. Crime shows like criminal minds give me nightmares. I’m so bad that I turn down the volume on the radio when an ad for a horror movie comes on. Total weirdo! My friend’s slag me all the time for being such a whimp.

Speaking of my friends they are my second family

I love being a tourist visiting new places both at home and away. Adventures both big and small are my favourite past time.

My favourite city is Paris if you haven’t been book it now you won’t regret it!!

I am a total Disney addict I collect all things Disney including the limited-edition DVDs.  We went to Disneyland Paris three years ago and when I saw the castle I nearly cried, my eyes literally welled up, my son looked at me as if to say would you ever pull yourself together

My favourite colour is pink. I’m the total girly cliché.

I rarely watch television. When I do I usually a binge watch Netflix on a Saturday night cause that’s about as wild as it gets with me these days. I’m obsessed with Once Upon a Time it’s the only series I have EVER watched passed series 4. I always just lose interest at that point.

I love up-cycling and home décor

I also love arts and crafts and gardening. I know I’m a total granny.

My favourite flowers are pink roses

I am not a morning person at all

My dream job would probably be party planning for the rich and famous. So, Kris Jenner if your reading this give me a call!! I love hosting parties. I love a themed party, bit of dress up, total lunacy but it’s something I enjoy.

I rarely shop in an actual shop apart from my weekly food shop and Penney’s. I buy nearly everything online. I prefer the choice, no ques and no horrible changing room lighting.

I firmly believe I suffer from the medical condition which means I cannot tolerate the sound of other people chewing food, I’ve been known to leave the room because of it.

I’ve a weird baby gender prediction sense . I currently have an unbroken record! I’m either very fluky or I’ve a witchy sense who knows

I cannot drink alcohol if I do I suffer like a scene from Emily Rose, due to my ancient status nights out are very rare these days

I love vegetables not too keen on fruit though

I hate feet I can barely look at my own, my friends also think its hilarious to harass me with pictures of feet

I’ve never broken a bone this is largely due to my avoidance of all sports and rough play growing up. Yes, I was that child

I’m terrified of heights like literally my legs go weak, the sweats, dizziness can’t cope

I am also not very keen on inconvenience!!

I do however love reading and writing. I make lists for everything and I still use a diary instead of my phone. I love writing letters. I write my children a letter for their birthday each year. Funny enough the easter bunny and Santy also leave letters in our house when they visit.



Love A




Ps: Thanks for reading. Hopefully ye know me a little bit more now than before.

When a year draws to a close it’s natural to reflect on the highs and lows, we find ourselves wishing for a better new year, setting new goals, planning new adventures and setting new expectations. Reality however can often fall below expectation.

To say my 2017 was imperfect would be to put it mildly, it was a rollercoaster of unhinged crazy nonetheless it provided some valuable life lessons.

I could sum up my year with three words:




The Wild

Life can be tumultuous where there is calm a hurricane of destruction can enter without warning or without concern for the destruction left in its wake. I had my very own personal cyclone this year which uplifted my very foundation.

Sometimes the rug gets pulled from underneath you as a result of life events and when we eventually recover our footing, take a look around nothing looks or feels the same again, we must learn to adjust to the new that surrounds us.

Initially the new is terrifying it provides no comfort only anxiety, fear and sadness. It’s undesirable and unwanted. However, once the storm has passed and the raging tide subsides a new landscape is revealed, which we are forced to discover and plot a new course despite our reluctance to do so because the old has been simply washed away. It can provide a blank slate to build a new life, new goals and a new sense of who you are and what you want from life. This uncharted territory makes us question our new reality it makes us wonder !

 The Weird

This year more than ever I found myself wondering why we spend so much time worrying about what others think of us or our lives when in reality we will never have the opportunity to live each other lives. This questioning was for me personally due to survival instinct a need to find space to breathe again. Judgement from others can be both crippling and smothering.

We must exist in our own life from the time we are born to the time we die. It’s what makes us all completely unique despite any similarity. If you don’t fit in to a uniformed idea of the “expectation” regards thinking, behaviors and life choices then you may find yourself subject of negative discussion. Non-conformity requires explanation.

But what happens if we don’t or can’t conform? What happens if we don’t or can’t explain?

The answer is nothing life goes on! Realising this however can be quite liberating! 

The fact is nobody lives a perfect life despite what they may lead you to believe or what you may assume for yourself so if your life or circumstances take a knock fix it for your own happiness not the approval of others.

I also found myself wondering why a desire to live your own life to your own tune requires opinion of others?  It’s something that really baffles me one’s desire to want more from his or her life can result in the infamous “ideas above their station” or “who do they think they are” comments.

Maybe you’re the type of person who is happy to fly solo or perhaps you don’t like your current flock’s direction and would like to change course why does that require an advanced approval? Why must you stay where others believe you belong?

To me that’s just plain weird everyone has the right to walk their own path simple as!

The Wonderful

From year to year I’m very blessed to say my wonderful remains the same and for that I will continue to be so grateful for the people in my life.

Wonderful things about my 2017 include:

My family who I love beyond words

My soulmates I call my friends who I also love beyond words

They have been there for me unwavering and with unconditional love and support through the good, the bad and the evil this year. Was 2017 my best year? No. in fact if you asked me a few months ago I would have said it was the worse year of my life but that isn’t true because it was filled with both good and bad.  I will never wish time away because 2018 won’t be perfect either and this year has thought me that’s perfectly ok. Here’s to 365 more days of my wild, weird and wonderful life may it remain perfectly imperfect.



Love A





Ps: if you find yourself caught up your own personal cyclone remember irrespective of their size and category they have a limited lifecycle the calm and the clarity will return


Hi guys this weeks festive post is gift related although the title is teenage drama queen, I think the gifts are suitable for a lot of females who like cute bits n bobs. I have bought some of these items for myself and for gifts.


Love A




PS: this is a gift related post but its never a bad time all year to treat yourself !!