Hi guys so seen as this is a Festive Friday post I went with my current favourite red pieces. Red is a bit cliche for xmas but I personally love red all year round and its very on trend at the moment.



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Ps: I hope ye are enjoying the festive related post next weeks post will feature gift ideas

Hi guys so I’ve decided to do a Festive Friday on my blog from now until Christmas, featuring fashion and gift ideas to kick things off Ive started with my favourite party pieces from River Island. River Island are currently running a spend more save more promotion details are as follows in euro:

Spend 80 Save 15

Spend 100 Save 20

Spend 125 Save 25

All pictures are linked to the website if you click on them.


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PS: its never to early to sing out loud and spread that christmas cheer


I brought my children on the tour of Spike Island during the summer and they loved it. The same day I had done a frantic google search for something to do because the weather was really nice and I didn’t want to waste it. I didn’t really know would the kids enjoy it because the people I knew who had visited had gone without children but I took the risk because we love Cobh so I knew we could just spend the day there if the island was a disaster.


We got tickets from a little office which is located where you board the boat to the island. It’s well sign posted and easy to find. It’s in close proximity to the Titanic Experience which we have also visited and loved. We set off on a boat to the island around midday. My kids loved the novelty of the boat trip.


We docked on the island and we were met with a tour guide who informed us we could take a guided or self-guided tour of the island. We chose guided as my son loves history. We were brought on the tour of he prison and around the buildings we were permitted to visit some have been destroyed by fire and are non-accessible.


We were given the full history of the island and its inhabitants. My son loved it hes still talking about it. We brought a picnic, there is a café on site also with outside picnic tables. My daughter insisted on us sitting on the grass she’s a stickler for authenticity! We spent around four hours on the island and nearly missed our boat back we were so busy exploring.


It’s a slow-paced day but the time went very fast. The tour sizes are small and there was no queuing for anything.



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PS: I would advise bringing a buggy and a picnic if visiting with small children the island itself is quite large and if you do self-guided you might want to stop for lunch on the opposite end of island to where the café is situated.


Hi guys after I shared my story with regards my battle with adult acne, I received a lot of messages with regards my skincare routine. As I would have stated previously I’m not a skin care expert this is just some of the everyday products I use in my current skincare routine that work for me. I also use other products in addition to these to prevent/heal my acne.

I’ve been using the above products for a few months and they work for my skin. They are from the Botanical Beauty range from Boots. All the products have this fresh fragrant smell, they feel quite light on the skin and they have not caused me any sensitivity.


I apply the morning cream straight away in the morning. It feels nice an light on skin but also hydrating although I’ve skin of a teenager it’s also dry in especially in the “muzzle” are where my acne also tends to be concentrated.


Next up is the radiance balm. This is my favourite product from this range that I have used. I love this product I use it on its own if I’m not wearing make up or as a primer if I’m looking for a dewy look to my skin it’s gives an illuminating effect on the skin.


I also use the face wash almost everyday, I apply mine to a cleanse off mitt in the evening usually in the shower it’s just easier. I use this to remove my make up but if I don’t have make up on I will still use it. I use the cream cleanser before ands sometimes depending if Im wearing heavy make up or eye make up.


I have used several cleansers some of which I liked and some of which I hated but for the most part I find a cleansing wash is in general far less stringent on my skin especially if my skin is dry. I do however like this one because it’s smells so lovely it has a creamy consistency which is the only type of cleanser I use. I will NEVER use a micellar water cleanser on my skin again like most people I jumped on that bandwagon a year ago and ended up looking like Killer Crocs sister absolute nightmare to reverse also !! As a result I’m scarred with regards cleansers so I won’t use a cleanser all over my face if it’s very dry. I will just remove my eye make up with it, now I know you should use a specific eye make up remover but usually I don’t use a specific eye make up remover. Reason being for me personally I have found some to be very stringent my skin and I regularly get dermatitis on my eyes which it just further irritates or causes . Bear in mind I wear very little eye make up on a day to day basis if I was wearing eyeliner or a lot of eyeshadow I would use a specific eye make up remover. I tend to just go between the two depending on what suits me best.


I think I’m like most of the female population at this stage with regards my addiction to sheet masks they are so handy really low cost and your face feels so soft and refreshed after using them i also love the fact you don’t need to cleanse them off. I love these two above these are not from the Botanical range but are also from boots.

Finally I use the night cream every night like most night creams this has a slightly thicker consistency to it but it still feels refreshing on the skin.

For the most part that’s what I am using product wise as part of my daily skincare routine.


Love A


PS: I will be doing a give away with these items on my Instagram here details of how to enter are under the picture of all the products



Hi guys so we recently visited Ardmore Open Farm. We visited as a family of four which cost €37.00 all details with regards pricing and facilities on the farm can be seen on their website here, this was our second visit to the farm as we also visited last year. The farm itself is located just minutes from Ardmore beach in Co. Waterford, which happens to be our favourite beach to visit as its just about an hour away from where we live and is a beautiful beach. There is plenty do and see on the farm and you could happily spend the whole day there, picnics are welcome and can be enjoyed on the benches outside. There is also a lovely cafe inside which is right beside the indoor playground they serve lovely home made dishes and deserts. Below are some pictures of this years visit to the farm.



There is two playgrounds on site one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor playground over looks Whiting Bay and the scenery is stunning. The petting available inArdmore is so much fun the kids really get to get to handle and learn all about the animals. The staff are so friendly and helpful my children love visiting and it has become a yearly tradition for us now.


Love A




Ps: there is never a dull moment during the petting times as you can see from the picture below you will always come home with a story to tell!!